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Mehndi Madness Team!

Krysteen - Owner/Henna Artist Owner/Henna Artist

I  was formally trained by my mentor who lived in Iran for 16 years.  I traveled to England in 1996 several times to complete my education in the henna arts.  I learned the cultural importance of henna and its traditions during my mentorship.  I participate in continuing education in the form of classes, mentoring and conventions, to keep abreast of this ever changing industry.  I train each Mehndi Madness artist.  This makes our team strong with years of experience.  I hand draw all of our design books and I enjoy helping Mehndi Madness with outstanding artistic designs.  An important aspect for me is our community involvement, the classes we offer to the public for free through Parks and Rec, college engagements, as well as several library systems.  Before embarking on my life-long henna journey, I was a body piercer and, of all things, an Indy car technician.  Providing this art-filled experience to people has always filled my heart.  I feel truly blessed to be able to do this work.


Mehndi MadnessTM Inc. was founded by Krysteen Lomonaco in 1998.  She saw the need to emphasize natural temporary tattoos and has consistently strived to educate as well as involve the public in the rich culture and traditions Henna and Jagua have come from.  After taking a Professional Henna course in England she opened her first henna studio in Seattle. 

We have several locations for private appointments and classes.  Private parties and corporate events are booked year round.  We can be found out and about the Puget Sound area at Seattle's biggest festivals.  During our busiest months of summer, enjoy our outdoor locaitons at the Waterfront Park, near the Farris wheel and the Seattle Center.

We strive to bring the highest quality services and products in the industry to our customers, with constant research and new product lines added every year.  What makes us different from other Henna artists?  Our designs range from the traditional designs of several cultures to more modern styles including tribal, tattoo styles and custom pieces designed to appeal to both men and women, helping us live up to our byline "Henna for the Masses".  Our artists are professionally trained by Krysteen for over 4 months and provide consistent quality to any event that they work.  Our products are non-toxic, safe for any age and are guaranteed to be hit at your next event.

Betts - Head Mistress Head Mistress

Betts came to us by way of California and is head mistress of Mehndi MadnessTM in many ways.  She is our senior front desk staff and has been quoted many times saying 'Oh, they can do anything you want!'  She does everything from bookkeeping to baby sitting and Krysteen couldn`t live without her.  But of course not, she`s Krysteen mommy!  Betts is a gold metal winner thrift store shopper and pretty darn good handyman.  She is a Domestic Diva and her favorite color is blue.  On a sunny day you`ll catch her mowing the lawn or scouting out garage sales.  Her favorite places to be are at home in her warm and fuzzy environment or with her 2 adoring grand daughters!  Her favorite quote, 'Seattle, there’s no place like home!'

Liberty - Office Manager Office Manager

Liberty spends her summers home from college as our location manager. She works closely with the artists to makes sure everything runs smoothly. She loves all the X-Men movies because she likes that their powers give them humanizing qualities and the super heroes are more relatable because of them.  Her favorite foods are a rice hamburger casserole that her mom makes and coffee mocha swirl ice cream.  She would love to go to Reykjavik, Iceland and visit the Eyjafjallajokull Valcano, the Blue Lagoon and see the Aurora Borealis. At college she enjoys her Secondary Education studies and spending time with her boyfriend, however she and the cafeteria have never been friends. So she’s going to have to learn to cook!  For this summer she’s really looking forward to spending time with friends and family!  It’s wonderful to have Liberty added to our management team.

Marcia - Artist Artist

Marcia is originally from Seattle and has been doing henna with Mehndi Madness for several years. She is also an Art Teacher and feels lucky to spend her time amerced in creation.  She’s always in high sprits and loves being outside.  The three words that best describe her is “Full of Adventure.”  She especially loves nature, always hiking and camping around the PNW.  Her Boarder Collie, Sky, is slowing down a bit now that she’s 9 and won’t go on the long hikes they were so fond of in her younger years.  Instead there’s lots of fond memories, car rides and belly rubs.  Her favorite magical creature is a Dragon because they are so smart and powerful.  It must be a reflection of her true self because it is also her Chinese Zodiac.  She likes to cook but doesn’t think she’s very good at it.  And if there’s a change to get Mexican take out, she’s all for it!  She’s a bit petite, so if she could change one thing it would be to make herself taller so she could reach that top shelf.  When it comes to henna or jagua, she prefers henna because of the earthy color.  We’re so happy she has joined us for another summer!

Mariah - Artist Artist

Mariah is the newest member of our Mehndi Madness team and art has always been a passion of hers.  She splits her time between doing heart felt henna and being a preschool teacher.  Born in Bellingham, she has recently moved back to the PNW after spending much of her childhood in Michigan.  Her favorite thing about Michigan was all the water because she loves to swim.  I guess she moved to the right place!  There is no limit to swimming in Washington.  She loves any pastime involving the outdoors, camping, hiking, a little bit of disc golf and boxing.  That’s right, she can punch your lights out!  If she invented a coffee drink it would be a Dirty Chai Latte with oat milk and spicy chai.  She’s a cat person and prefers reading over movies.  Her favorite kid’s movie is Pocahontas, talk about a passion for the outdoors!  The grossest thing she’s ever eaten was Salmon Skin Sushi…never again!  The three words that best describe her are compassion, preparation and joy!  We are so lucky to have found her and expect to be dazzled by her all summer.

Pearl - Artist Artist

Pearl is the youngest member of our team but don’t let that fool you.  She’s been doing henna for years.  Her favorite thing to do is play video games with candles in a dimly lit room.  She’s all about the ambiance.  If she could invent a color is would be the epitome of Chill, an unexaggerated happiness.  She prefers tea over coffee because it does so much more for the body.  You can find her on a Sunday afternoon sipping black mint tea with lavender honey watching movies with a friend.  Her favorite fictional animal is a Wendigo, they are spirits of the forest. Covered in natural plants, they walk the forest, watching it grow and progress.  She wants to be an herbalist when she grows up and make organic medicinal products for a fair price.  During the pandemic year it was hard not being able to help the struggles of her loved ones but what she learned is, “If there’s a will, there’s a way, and we’ll all get through this together!”  We’re so happy she’s joined us on our henna journey.